The Company

The Company Bugarttia

Bugarttia is a young and innovative company, founded by a succesfull businessman After years of research and development, he formed a small team and started to produce the revolutionaire Bugarttia mop. The Bugarttia is manufactured using only High quality materials and is durable with a unique design, by the excellent handeling and feel it is a perfect product to use, but also easy to sell. Bugarttia is active worldwide and has teams in various countries, which have tested our product, our aim is to be active in 30 countries within the next 5 years.

Our manufacturer in Shanghai is a reputable company in the high-tech cleaning industry, with more than 1,000 employees and a driven and motivated yeam of engineers, they have a quality management system ISO9001 and are certified since 2007. Together with their Research and Development team the Bugarttia has beeen designed. From our office in Shanghai we operate the Asian market

Together, the founders gained a lot of experience building global networks. They are a team of seasoned professionals, amidst this explosively growing Direct Selling industry, which already reached the 100 billion euro last year.

At Bugarttia, we make a great product and we work hard to establish a long-term relationship with you or your company. We want our clients and resellers to be happy and satisfied today, but also tomorrow , next year and preferably, also 10 years from now! Our years of experience in the Marketing and Retail Sales gives us the knowledge, advantage and the customer experience, we have used this knowledge to find out what the customer exactly expects of a mop, what they expect concerning quality, simplicity, design and the price.

Bugarttia can guarantee you huge opportunities, if you are a driven and motivated person and believe in our product we will surprise you with the result.